Need a day away from New York?  Free yourself from the bonds of the city.  Simply hop in one of our hot air balloons and float away from it all!

We will arrange your transportation from Manhattan to the beautiful landscape of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  You're less than an hour away.  

Flying over farms, lakes and woods, you'll witness a safari of wildlife as you're greeted by the cheerful denizens below.

We offer spacious two passenger private balloon rides to New York area residents for only
$245 per passenger.
Don't settle for a crowded gondola.  Don't share your experience with strangers.  DEMAND what every New Yorker deserves - privacy and exclusivity! 
Learn just how important this is.

Before the flight, there's plenty to do in the quaint towns of Clinton and Frenchtown, including shopping, antique hunting, restaurants, and the walking/biking path along the Delaware River.

If you're looking for a pleasant distraction, climb aboard and forget all your cares. Once we lift off, your only thought will be - what a magnificent adventure you've embarked on.

First impression quotes include: "It's like flying in a dream", "It's like floating with no feeling of motion", and "I'll definitely do this again."

After the flight, enjoy a fine dining experience, and then we will drive you home in comfort.

Call for our competitively priced package  You'll be surprised at how affordable it is. 

Captain Ron
Commercial Balloon Pilot Since 1976



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