Pricing, Dressing And Deposits

If you are coming with your own transportation, the cost per passenger is $260.00.  There is a $15 per passenger discount for paying with cash or personal check.  Sorry, no business checks are accepted.  A minimum of two passengers per flight is required.  Therefore, the total cost for a two passenger ride is $490.00 with cash or personal check, and $520.00 with a credit card payment.  The total for a party of three is $660 cash or personal check, and a party of four is $800.

IMPORTANT:  A party of four is limited to a maximum total passenger weight of 680 lbs. in the summer and 720 lbs. in the fall and spring seasons.

Deposit Terms

Big Apple Balloon Rides offers only private and exclusive flights.  We do not mix you in with strangers as 90% of the other ride companies do.  Therefore, the vast majority of our flights are two passengers.

For this reason, we must keep to a strict scheduling program in order to insure that people like you are not declined a balloon flight in favor of others who decide to cancel at the last minute.

A deposit of $100.00 is required for each flight.  A cancellation for a flight for Monday through Friday may be made with a full refund of deposit, provided that notification is made by phone (516-902-5541) within 48 hours of the scheduled flight.  A cancellation for a flight on Saturday or Sunday must be made within 96 hours of the scheduled flight.

Cancellations later than described above or no-shows, will require that you forfeit your $100.00 deposit.  Of course, understandably unusual circumstances will be considered.  If we cancel the flight (invariable because of weather) you are entitled to a full refund of your deposit, and there is no requirement to reschedule.

Dress Code

We only have one dress requirement, and that is - Don't come barefoot!  This, of course, means that you must have appropriate footwear.

It is very important to have your feet and ankles completely covered.  Most of the open fields in the area in which we fly are planted.  The remaining 25% of non-wooded plots are left fallow for balloonists and other truthful reasons.  Uncultivated farm fields will invariably produce some quantity of Poison Ivy and sticker bushes.  If we have to march out of one of these fields you're best not to be wearing shorts and sandals.  Long pants are also advisable.

Another problem may be the possibility of getting your foot thoroughly stomped by your fellow passenger in a bumpy landing.

If you want to swap footgear before and after the flight, there's plenty of time to do that.

We leave it to the reader of this material to advise his/her guest(s).

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