Dress Code

We only have one dress requirement, and that is - Don't come barefoot!  This, of course, means that you must have appropriate footwear.

It is very important to have your feet and ankles completely covered.  Most of the open fields in the area in which we fly are planted.  The remaining 25% of non-wooded plots are left fallow for balloonists and other truthful reasons.  Uncultivated farm fields will invariably produce some quantity of Poison Ivy and sticker bushes.  If we have to march out of one of these fields you're best not to be wearing shorts and sandals.  Long pants are also advisable.

Another problem may be the possibility of getting your foot thoroughly stomped by your fellow passenger in a bumpy landing.

If you want to swap footgear before and after the flight, there's plenty of time to do that.

We leave it to the reader of this material to advise his/her guest(s).

155 Union Road
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Launch Site

From the New York City area take Route 78 West to Clinton/Pittstown exit 15.


  From lower Manhattan, exit the Holland Tunnel and bear right to the New Jersey Turnpike extension (I-95) which will take you past Newark Airport.

From midtown, exit the Lincoln Tunnel and follow the signs to the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) South to exit 14, then follow the signs to 78 West.

  From upper Queens and The Bronx, take Route 80 West off the GWB, then drop down Route 287 and go 15 miles south beyond Morristown to Route 78 West.

  From the Verazano Bridge, head west on 278 to the Goethals Bridge and then North on the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) to exit 14 and follow the signs to Route 78 West.

After making the drive from New York along 78, the best restroom stop available before making the 15 minute drive south to the launch site is right at exit 15.  Simply make a left at the light at the end of the exit 15 ramp and head under the the highway.  Then make the
second available left just beyond the light after the underpass (Watch it! The first left beyond the underpass will put you back on 78 heading east) and go into Walmart Plaza.  The Cracker Barrel Restaurant is straight ahead (open 6am to 10pm) or Walmart is the first available right turn on this same road.

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Just remember, when you get to the traffic light in Pittstown  (Pittstown Inn on the right) disregard the confusing road signs and keep going more or less straight ahead (bearing a bit to the left) in order to get to Route 12.  Pittstown Road will change from 513, to 579, to 615 and will terminate at Route 12.  Don't turn right at the light and continue on 513 (as some people unfortunately do) or you will be heading in a westerly direction toward Frenchtown Boro.  We are in the eastern part of Frenchtown.  Beyond Pittstown, Pittstown Road is a straight shot, all the way to Route 12.  It curves quite a bit just before 12, but just keep going straight to the end.

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